Heyo fuzzies. Last year I was examining the prospect of putting together a stage for events, and in the end it didn’t quite fit the budget for essentials. This year we may very well be able to pull it off, but I’d like to see an interest check. Essentially we’d have 3 days to work with and about 12 hours per day that we could fill the stage with people doing their Happenings. Question is, how many people would be genuinely interested in putting on some kind of stage performance? Note that this wouldn’t be a ‘I’d like to see that’, but more ‘hell yeah get me up there’ kinda scenario. While costwise it’s doable and expandable, I want to hear from you guys whether or not we should!

okay i know crowley said this is more of a “get me up there” type of thing, but im more of the “id like to see that” type of person. i would be the “get me up there” if i had my band together still, and we had our instruments, but since i dont have either, im more of the “id like that” type of person…so i guess here is my “hurrah” to saying id like to say that :3

I honestly don’t think we need a stage. We did well without one last year and everyone didn’t really have a problem with finding the main event tent.

But if that’s something we could use, I’m for it. It would work well with the music portion of the entertainment and it would work with the improv. workshop that I think Koda is setting up =)

We could do group skits too as a form of entertainment on a couple of evenings! :smiley:

I play piano and just love to either play solo or can jam with anyone who’s up for it, so you could count me in. If my mate Hunter goes, I’d be going along too and would love to be part of something, either impromptu jams or whatever people are up to, even a set if you all decide to do sets, whatever :slight_smile: I’ve got a couple of electronic keyboards I could bring and a hand drum, that sort of thing. Anyway, count me in if I’m able to make it! I know my mate Hunter would love to be part of the cooking/meal stuffs. The keyboards are nice cause they run on batteries if there’s no power.

Impromptu jams are what we’re all about! We had at least two people on violin or guitar somewhere plenty times. :3

Well, it sounds great! If you need any volunteer help with the music side of things I’d be more than happy to pitch in, as well :slight_smile: Just let me know! Really looking forward to coming this year :slight_smile: