I’m currently an Atlanta furry, but I’ll be movin’ to Portland 'round August 1st, so I’ll probably not be able to make CT’10, but I’m most definitely interested in helping with / attending the next one. 2011, I assume? Is there a newsletter that I could sign up for or something other than general forum notification emails (that Thunderbird usually hates for some reason) so I don’t forget between now and then? CT sounds like a super fun time and I’m kinda bummed about the way time turned out this year… I’d just heard 'bout it from the FA ad’n wanted to get in on the action ^^. Anywho, yea…if there’s a Newsletter, could I get an add or a referral to sign-up? Cheers~~<3

Hi IronCrux!
I don’t think we have a newsletter yet, but that’s a great idea! I think we do have a livejournal and twitter feed for the meantime though (I’ll find the links for ya). Hopefully that might help in keeping up with what’s happening. =)

It’s awesome that you’re already excited for the next con and jumping in to slave, er, I mean volunteer to help. I think we can always use good help. =3

Brilliant. Thank yah kindly. ^^

What good is a con without a team of slaves? o_O -grins wide- I’ll be more’n happy to help when I can :stuck_out_tongue:

Be sure to join the pdx furs snark and the eugene furs google groups! I post updates on those about CFt regularly, and it’s a great place to network with people for meets, friendships, or whatever! I’m glad we’re getting more furries in oregon! WELCOME!

PDX furs


Eugene Oregon Furs

Salem Furs

We often coordinate massive meets at least once a month between all of our groups, pdxfurs being the largest. I think somewhere in the ballpark of 65 people showed up at their last weekly meet at the Roxy!