Might miss it but who knkows

I am trying for the last chance registration, but might not be able to make it even if I get it. If I can’t can I give it away?

We don’t have a mechanic set up for that in our registration system but if it turns out you won’t be able to use it, please contact me and I can see if we can’t manually offer your spot and the +1 to someone else. Thank you!

thanks, but the issue, is i won’t know until like Monday next week. So it might be too late then. But if someone can use it if I can’t that would be wonderful.

Yeah, just let me know ASAP on Monday since none of us can do anything before we know if you’ve won or not. Thank you!

will do. Ah crap, it needs to be at least 20 characters. now I can post.

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I had to put in my time off request now even though I don’t know if I’ll get the drawing, but if I didn’t I wouldn’t know if I would geteh PTO for the dates anyways. Here’s hoping.

They declined my PTO request, so unless I quite (which I was planning on doing anyways), I won’t be able to go. The only think holding me back is money at this point.

I hope its ok to ask. Would your spot still be available. My roommate is going and id really like to go. Im entered into the drawing for monday but i obviously dont know til tomorrow if i get it. If you were able to transfer it and i did get a token tomorrow i would willingly be donating that space to someone. Let me know thank you muchly

Didnt get a token from the drawing. If you have a token to spare i would be forever grateful if you would spare it to me.

I did not get the drawing and I do not have a token. Sorry.

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