Micro brew bar and grill, a happening for microfurs!

Last year, Ziggy and Kieunta and I put together a little beer tasting with sliders that went over real well. I wanted to do this again!

Micro brew bar and grill will be a microfur themed happening, we have tons of little tiny tables and silverware and mugs and stuff, we will be doing tastings of whatever fun beer we can find in bend, as well as some ciders. We will be making micro burgers for people as well (basically sliders), one per person.

Happening will be free, I wanna say there will be a 30 person maximum, and it will be happening on saturday from 3 to 4.

That being said, I’ve glanced over some different things in the forum, and am still a little confused about how to officially make this happening happen. I hope that posting in this forum is enough, if not please let me know ^ ^

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don’t miss Kobold Brewing in redmond.