Mess Hall - Help the cook choose your food!

Alrighty, boys and girls!

It’s that time again! Though its early, I want to get a start on some planning to feed the masses. But, since I am cooking for you guys I want some input on food from last year and some help figurin’ out what to cook in 2011!

Below is a survey that relates to CFT2010 and the upcoming CFT2011. Though, some of the questions might seem oddly worded or out of place in food servery, they will help me better understand and predict food trends for all you guys and girls! :3

Go to the survey!

Help me feed you! Don’t be mean, but be honest <3 your tummy will thank you later.



i should stick you with a fork… XD

Civic duty toward noms has been completed, oh spatula wielding panther of the large phallus. :smiley:

Just by reputation I can’t wait to try the food.

(missed the reg option on the survey… was sponsor not patron)

hmmm… i dont know… maybe X will poison my portion? LOL, JK… love you X! even if you are a Greyhound. -hugs-

Paso Bearcats Rule, Atascadero Greyhounds Drool!!!