I have made tons of merch, but its just for fun, as I love CFT, but I have made silicone bracelets, shot glasses, drinking glasses, buttons, bumper stickers. All to spread the name of CFT around and give you a warm fuzzy feeling
if you have me on fb, here is the bracelets, again, these are not sell able, but if they where, it would have to be ok’ed by CFT staff, and the money would go to the con itself, just ideas, this is my own personal one’s

Just an idea guys!
Dexter <3

i like this idea, Dex :slight_smile: i actually suggested somebody make merchendise like this (not as varied as your list, but did suggest bracelets, buttons, and bumperstickers, and also producing a few more of the con shirts for people who wanted to go to the con but couldnt make it /afford it). If this idea does go through/get approved, i would totally buy a braclet, button, and bumpersticker each year, depending on how much they sell for.