Menu CFT2012

Attention ladies, gentlemen, and smizmars:

The following is the Final Menu for the campout. YAY! I do relize some of the food is the same as the previous years, BUT you guys liked it so much (and demanded it several times through the year up til now) I figured a repeat performance was in order. Besides, how many times a year do you get this caliber of food from a campout? :3

When I say final, I mean I could change my mind the night before the meal is to be served. >:3 Cause I can do that, though I do make a good habit of letting everyone know of the changes.

Meal times are roughly

10-11am Breakfast
2pm Lunch
5:30pm Dinner (Target - No later than 6pm)

If you have any questions or comments on the menu, be nice <3 and I’ll try not to make you sick <3


Menu CFT 2012 - Keep Furry Weird

Meatless Alternatives are in parenthesis () and are only available to those that have registered as a vegetarian :slight_smile:

Thursday Dinner
-German Potato Salad
-Brats on a Bun (Veggie Brats or Burgers)

  • Cookies’n’Sweet Cream

Friday Breakfast
-OldFashioned Oatmeal with fruit
-cold cereal

Friday Lunch

  • Stove-top Mac-n-Cheese
    -PBJ or coldcut sandwich

Friday Dinner (major hit in 2010)
-Cobb Salad
-Crowley’s Ground Pork (‘Egg’ Foo Yung)
-Grilled Flatbread

Saturday Breakfast
-Buckwheat Pancakes
-cold cereal

Saturday Lunch

  • Pulled Pork Sandwiches (Tempe Buritto)
    -PBJ or coldcut

Saturday Dinner
-Spinach and Red Leaf Salad
-Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce (Stuffed Grilled Portabellas)
-Lime Rice

Sunday Breakfast
-Chorizo and Egg Burritos (Soyrizo and Egg Burritos)
-cold cereal

Sunday Lunch

  • Loaded Avocado Pasta Salad ( w/ no meat option)
    -PBJ or Coldcut sandwich

Sunday Dinner

  • Baby Greens
  • Grilled Porkchops with RedEye BBQ Sauce (Veggie Cabob with RedEye BBQ Sauce)
  • Apple Polenta

Sunday Cake Social

Monday Breakfast
–Free for all Breakfast Burritos [whatever is left in the kitchen!] (ditto)

On Demand food [limited supply, so be nice!]
Fruit (maybe)

hopefully i will be making my own culinary delights at my tent site outside of meal times in case anyone is hungry before hand and and just want a snack and what not =p Maybe even late night after dinner food ^^ the menu sounds amazing though and cant wait to help prep and work in le kitchen!

Yum! I can’t wait to have that chicken satay again heheh

I’ll prob be doing the same. Grilled up some tri tip last year and will probably have some random stuff with me this year

yay ^^ this is gonna be fun ^o^

Hey Xander baby, is there a reason mealtimes are so close together? purrhaps breakfast should be a tad earlier?

Last year we had several complaints about breakfast being too early or not lasting long enough. So, to combat that this year “cold breakfast” will be ready for furs as soon as milk arrives (apx 9am) and Patron/Sponsor breakfast will be ready to start serving at 10am. :3 Other than that, meals are spaced four hours apart. :3

You know what they say for keeping your metabolism going - it’s better to have 6 or so small meals with shorter intervals between them in your day then to have just 2-3 big meals with big intervals!

Though, technically 3 meals a day is still going on here. And that is how I like it ;D But we got half of the equation at least!

Its also ballisticly expensive for this many campers XD While we are planing three meals a day, I do recommend everyone bringing ‘snack foods’ to fill in the gaps if you think you might need them. :3

I’m glad I’m coming this year so I can walk around saying satay in my best Bev Bighead impression. <3

“laundry day is a very dangerous day”

And I will follow you, because that sounds amazing. :smiley: