Menu CFT2011

Attention ladies, gentlemen, and smizmars:

The following is the Final Menu for the campout. YAY!

When I say final, I mean I could change my mind the night before the meal is to be served. >:3 Cause I can do that. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you have any questions or comments on the menu, be nice <3 and I’ll try not to make you sick <3


Menu CFT 2011 - Choose Your Own Adventure!

Meatless Alternatives are in parenthesis () and are only available to those that have registered as a vegetarian :slight_smile:

Thursday Dinner
-German Potato Salad
-Brats on a Bun (Veggie Brats or Burgers)

  • Cookies’n’Sweet Cream

Friday Breakfast
-Fruited Pancakes
-cold cereal

Friday Lunch

  • Stove-top Mac-n-Cheese
    -PBJ or coldcut sandwich

Friday Dinner (major hit in 2010)
-Cobb Salad
-Crowley’s Ground Pork (Seitan Pork-a-Like)
-Grilled Flatbread

Saturday Breakfast
-Spiced Oatmeal
-cold cereal

Saturday Lunch

  • Tamales (Burger Crumble Tamales)
    -PBJ or coldcut

Saturday Dinner
-Spinach and Red Leaf Salad
-Xander’s X’elent BBQ Chicken (Stuffed Portabellas)
-macaroni salad
-rice crispy squares with cashews

Sunday Breakfast
-Chorizo and Egg Burritos (Soyrizo and Egg Burritos)
-cold cereal

Sunday Lunch

  • Loaded Quesadillas( w/ no meat option)
    -PBJ or Coldcut sandwich

Sunday Dinner

  • Baby Greens
  • Infamous Chicken Satay (Pressed Tofu w/ Bell Pepper Skewers)
  • Lime Rice

Sunday Cake Social

Monday Breakfast
–Free for all Breakfast Burritos [whatever is left in the kitchen!] (ditto)

On Demand food [limited supply, so be nice!]
Fruit (maybe)


THAT IS ALL! :slight_smile:

Note items in parenthesis are the vegetarian option. We may shuffle the menu around as things progress, if nothing else to make best use of our facilities and ease production some.

So like, if we get the meat option, can we also try the veggie meal if there’s enough left over? I’ve never had stuffed portabella’s but I hear they’re pretty good.

maybe o.o depends on if we have leftovers from the veggiefurs :stuck_out_tongue:

I got to say, That is a mighty tasty looking spread there X! Can’t wait to taste it! :>

Ooooh! Looks very scrumpuous! It just makes my mouth…watering! Someone get me a towel…