Memories~~ in the corners of my mind~

###Campers far and wide, gather around and cast back!
Fond memories of CFT abound, and I’m looking for some particularly good ones to link to in our Social Media accounts!

If you have a particularly powerful memory of your CFT experience that you would want to share with the community at large, please post it below!

From time to time, a member of staff may link your story in our social media accounts to help spread the knowledge of CFT as well as psyching up the community!

Let’s all take a fond look back and leave excited for the future!

###Your help is greatly apprecaited!

I think my favorite CFT memory is from 2011, I want to say.

At some point in the evening, a bunch of campers and staff were hanging out in CK’s monkey hut. That’s when I bust out some Adventure Time Mad-Libs.

We were all so loopy and goofy that the stories turned out crazy. That’s when we started reading them over the radio.

Many laughs and a broken Blackwolf later and I have one of my fondest memories.

I think my favorite memories of CFT focus around the camp fire, the creek, and the dining area, all of them near my tent. Every year these three places are the nexus of the events for me; swimming, cooking, eating, telling stories and looking up at the stars.

The most magical experiences I’ve had have almost always happened sitting by the fire at night when a stranger, or a friend, wanders by to share the warmth and whatever there is to drink. The creek is always a popular spot in the warm afternoons, and is a great chance to relax in the cold water with dogs, friends, and the nature around you.

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The best memory I have of CFT was back in 2011 when I first rolled into camp. I found out about CFT from a banner on FA and signed up on a whim, not having ever met another furry in person before.

I was a bit nervous going out to the desert to work with a bunch of furries miles from cell reception, much less for a whole week. And when I first drove in and was greeted by @x_panther, @Crowley and the rest of the setup crew, I was shocked by the unconditional kindness and welcoming nature of them all.

After we setup, we all sat around the fire playing guitar, telling stupid jokes, and getting to know each other. That was probably my fondest memory I have of CFT to this day, and I hope the rest of you all can have an experience like that yourselves.