Meet the 2016 Staff!

Greetings, Campers!

CFT Staff have been hard at work to bring you a year free of any nocturnal bumps! Let’s meet our staff!

@Gnolltime is a big gnoll that is known on the streets as Silent G. He is big and green and 10 foot three. Tall and brown and gray and looks like a boulder and his name is Boulder. Say hello to our Director of Operations, spearheading our PR efforts and working with each of our staff to ensure they have everything they need in order to hit our marks!

It is often in one’s life when they must ask themselves whether or not they truly are The Good Dog. But truly, it is The Good Dog that never second guesses themselves. @koinu is The Good Dog at the helm managing our web back-end, website, and registration and is the source of many of our awesome photos!

@fixit is our beloved snow leopard managing our finances, budget and taxes, and current title holder of “Wisest Wizard” (Warning: Not actually a wizard). He loves being Swiss, bicycles, danger, polyrhythms, and cats. Basically one of the most interesting people I know.

Once upon a time, @darkroomdoor crash landed on our roof, and I was in the corner barfing up a diamond (long story whatever I’m a dog bark bark) and they thought I was trying to gift it to them. Anyways Soma is a dragon and our board room is part of their horde now/chew toy collection. Our very friendly head of Public Safety team, ensuring round-the-clock availability to assist any campers in need.

@Favlaud is the Wonky Donkey we’ve always wanted, managing our volunteers and stealing our hearts. I hear he makes some mighty good waffles. He is very tall and knows how to place things out of reach for dogs.

Once upon a time, @Serefina the dragon crashed through the-OKAY so we don’t have a dragon problem. Our board room intersects the border of two territories and air pressure is really low here, so it’s not easy AT ALL to fly in those conditions. Just so we’re clear, no dragon problem. Say hello to our brand new Happenings Director and Master of Ceremonies! She landed on the PA equipment and hisses at me if I get too close, so here we are!

A regular feature at CFT, @oCe joins us onboard staff this year to bring her expertise as our new the Minister of Aesthetics (Art Department lead)! We really look forward to bringing her vision to life! She is an ocelot, and enjoys the fishes and bugs and moss and things that glow!

Oh no! :o @Beauchamp the little yappy corgi herded the entire kitchen staff into a box! He takes the reins this year as our kitchen leader, working with @Pe_Low, @x_panther, @OkiWolf, and @Hawkfeather to bring us a new year of old and new recipes you’re sure to love!

From the butte overlooking tricities, @Moparskunk returns with us this year as our Construction Lead and title holder for Wub Champion. He likes both cars and skunks, and is a fine country gentleman with a modern heart and a healthy appetite for party. He is the party skunk.

All of our staff were screened to not be magic so as to ensure our campers not be exposed to any living food, undead Happenings, or cautionary lessons.

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