Meal Times

meal times stated in the con book were not accurate. Threw a lot of people off and got some people upset (from what I’ve overheard from eavesdropping) personally for ME it wasnt a huge issue but we wanna make sure everyone is happy xD

This of course is due to how understaffed the kitchen is. only about 3 main cooks getting a few small volunteers here and there not sure who helped in the kitchen this year or how many people but next year i will hopefully be able to assist in the kitchen full time and help out a great deal. didnt get to this year because i brought my mate down for the first time and he wanted to spend the whole time with me so i apologize for that ^^;

Other than that the con went VERY well and I enjoyed a lot of the events and happeningings. the lube wrestling was by far the most enjoyable thing to watch :wink: and will definately participate in it next year :smiley: the beat-off was new as well and i thought it was pretty cool =] felt like a little car show even though my sound system didnt compare to the competition and the awesome sound systems everyone else had xD so much i can do in that little truck but hopefully next year i can customize my sound system.

I feel we need more events that bring everyone together so people are not just still chilling at their campsites when shits going on. Staff is amazing as always. would love to be apart of it next year and help out with things. So yeah im sad its over. i have to go to work now with a pretty bad collar tan >////< and gotta think of some explanations haha. but yeah met some cool new people and would love to hang out with people more! so yeah…OH and i did lose my phone so if anyone came across a Samsung Galaxy S4 please please please let me know xDD

-Im a Fox