Mara's Raffle 2011 (and other art too)!

Hey guys =D
Like I did last year, I will be hosting a raffle this year at CFT!
The prize for the raffle winner is a 6"x6" 30 page sketchbook filled with artwork by me that is specifically customized to your artistic wants =)
In the sketchbook, I will include 10 sketches, 10 inked line arts, and ten full-colored pages.

The great news is that tickets for the raffle are only $1 each! =D And there is absolutely no limit to the number of tickets you can buy!
If you don’t know my work, you can check out my FA gallery here:

I will also be open for traditional and badge commissions and I will hopefully be selling my Adult Furry ABC Book on CDs if I get it finished in time =)

I post this on the forums because I’ll be taking pre-raffle payments and pre-orders for the ABC Book and badges =)

I’ll post more when I make examples of CFT themed badges and possible shirt commissions as well =)

x Mara

OMG I can’t wait until I win!