Makin' Bacon with Sparky (the return)

Yes folks, this year will mark the return of my bacon how-to panel where you will learn how to choose, cure, and smoke your own pork bellies at home. This year will be bigger and better with more info and some showing and telling of more bacon-making supplies and equipment I will bring from my arsenal. Unlike last year you must actually come to the panel to taste the bacon samples - last year very few people actually showed up after I handed out a whole lot of bacon. :wink: (many thanks to those who put tips in the jar)

I may need a volunteer to help me cook and distribute the bacon samples this year (if permissible). This volunteer will need an Oregon food handler’s card, so someone already working in/volunteering for the kitchen would be ideal.

If it doesn’t conflict with my Breakfast of Champions I will totally help! Food Card = yes.

ooh I might be willing to help in exchange for delicious bacons~

I would be willing to help with handing out and even cooking bacon :3