Wondering if you guys found and stored my hair brush. Its nappy, throw it out.

When we cleaned out the tent we didn’t see one, so it likely was somewhere else

I don’t think I lost anything this year, yay. (I guess Crowley still has my car’s spare key I lost last year, lol.)

I brought a rake to CFT and I actually brought it back home with me. Crazy…

We did find a hairbrush by the showers and it pretty much got thrown away when no one claimed it after a few hours.

I’m missing a pair of glasses. I can’t even see what Im writiing riggt now. SHeit, mang.

Really, though, if anyone has them, I will be very appreciative of their safe return. If not, I’ll use my baller insurance and get another pair.

Word to that, Okers.

Also to those who heard me lamenting about my watch, I found it. Camping fairies delivered it to me in the nether of my bag amongst some of my stranger, less used wear.