Lost Multi-tool

I can’t find my Leatherman multi-tool anywhere. Probably sat it down somewhere and forgot it. If anyone happened to pack it home with them, I would really like it back for work. Thanks!

We have one Leatherman in Lost & Found, can you describe yours?

Silver with fold out needle nose pliers two different knives (one kind of a wave pattern) both fairly well used and reground. There’s also fold out scissors, a flat and Philips screwdriver and a small black mini screwdriver (I think) that I’ve never used.

Did it have a case to go with it?

I still have my case. I just couldn’t figure out where the tool went.

Sounds like we have a different one here : /

Hopefully somebody found yours and it’ll turn up soon.

I think it ended up in our camp - @djarums picked up an extra one as we were cleaning up, and it seems to match your description. Send me a DM with your address and we’ll send it back.