Lost and Found

can i pretend to be a dwarf with an axe?

“And my good looks.”
“And my tits!”

Let’s do this. October?

Sweet. Let’s do a Hallow’s eve dress up road trip slash quest slash raid. Bonus: we avoid the little dressed up minions.

YAY! I wanna go, just because :3 and I’m not dressing up as a dwarf >.>

Lost: Contact with Dexter; I see her on Skype every so often but haven’t caught her notice so far.
Also lost: Patience with facebook; ${profanity} broken as usual captcha system not letting me IN.

Found: Nifty flappy incubi headwings. flit

Just wanted to state that this topic works. I got my bottle back, and its more glorious than ever. It held wine tonight, and got me wasted… more than I can say for some folks! Thanks to those who saved it, kept it, and brought it back. It’ll be in safer hands this year.