Lost and Found

Lost: I don’t suppose anyone found a purple bath towel, did they?

I didn’t find that, but I know Tawn forgot his Munchkin Impossible game.


I grabbed Tawn’s game off the table on my way out and sent him a txt message to let him know.

-Demon Fox

Ah perfect. Thanks! :3

I understand that Maz lost his keys out there somewheres. If anyone finds a set of keys, either let me or Maz know!

Maz’s keys consist of a keyring with a few housekeys and a subaru key; it has a pink nylon wrist-strap attached to it. If anyone finds it shout out!


LOST: i lost my sketch book and a mechanical pencil on the first day of the con. the sketch book only had one drawing in it but would love it if somebody found it and would return it. it MIGHT still be in the truck that was used to haul the food in, talked to xpanther but didnt see it in the cabin

We have a small selection of items we found during cleanup, including Maz’s keys. Most items are in a blue crate packed in the trailer with various odds and ends. No towel, a maybe on the sketchbook. PM me with a description and I’ll see what’s what.

i found my mess kit it got folded into a tarp

Frobies old shoes :stuck_out_tongue: (what would you like me to do with them?)
Crowley’s sanity
My balls (seriously! i never really thought id be able to pull off that much cooking! XD)

I’m pretty sure I have Maru’s hoodie if anyone can let him know.


I also found a grill brush where the camper was after Scritch and I walked the campground before we left.

The grill brush would be mine.

i pm’d you twice about the sketch book but never got an answer either way (if it was or wasnt mine).

During breakdown, staff can confirm that we found two sketchbooks in our lost and found pile. One went to happydragonferret, and one went to you, boxy. I’ve gone through the gear and there’s no other sketchbooks left over.