Lost And Found: The Megathread

If you are missing an item, please reply here and let us know! All items left at CFT go to Bend for storage and a later audit or if known missing items, may have gone with staff to different locales. I’ll append this list as replies below build up!


[ul][li]GoPro Camera (reward offered)[/li]
[li]Red First Aid Kit[/li]
[li]White Folding Table[/li][/ul]

I have the white folding table, who does it belong to?

I also ended up with (probably among other things, still unpacking my stuff): a small red lantern, a headlamp with blue dithering on the band, and a light blue / aqua bath towel. If these are yours, let me know.

Crowley, you might want to make two lists, one for Lost and one for Found! And maybe strike things that are claimed rather than moving them between lists, for clarity? :slight_smile:

The white table is Renard’s. I’ll strike it off once he has it. :3