Lost and Found - CFT 2018

Good evening all~

Pictures below of the lost and found from this year. If anything belongs to you, send me a message and I’ll do my best to reunite you.

If you’re in the Portland area, we can most likely meet face to face. If you’re out of the Portland area, we’ll discuss options to return your item.

Unclaimed items will be donated to goodwill at the end of September.


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It was left at Bloodwood! I thought it had belonged to one of the dogs I interacted with the most but I couldn’t remember who I’d seen with it.

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Yep, thats my little black flashlight (the one with the strap hanging from it). Left it in the shower and got half way back to the tent before i realized i had left it… and left it on… but i knew i had a second one. XD

Definitely my hair clip there at that bottom.
And if nobody claims one of the CFT mugs, I wouldn’t mind taking one off your hands.

I left my Cards Against Furmanity game in the Yurt ; u ; And I think that the red/black battery with the solar charger is mine as well

So that’s where I left my glasses. They are the black, bottom right ones. Feel free to give em a good home as I don’t think they are worth shipping.