Lost and found 2023

Hi everyone! This is Curly from Safety. Here are the lost and found items from this year and possibly previous years. More photos are in the replies.

View the photos and if you or someone you know is missing an item, message me directly.

If you’re in the Portland area we can arrange a meeting. If not, we can mail small items to you. Items like the camp chair might be difficult but let’s talk.

All unclaimed items will be donated in late November.

The clear 16-bit cup with straw in photo 7 is mine! I’m in Seattle, not sure how best to collect it.

I’m glad you found your cup. If you have a trip planned to Portland sometime we can plan to meet up or you can message me privately about mailing it to you. If CFT 2024 is in your plans then we can hold on to it until then.

In photo 6, bottom left, Stanley mug with furry stickers, has “Kovis” in sharpie but its a bit rubbed off. We were looking for it, thank you, I will have to recover it next year.

Hi! You can message me your address or we can hold on to it until next years CFT.

Thank you! No rush, I can pick it up from the L&F next year :slight_smile:

Seems to be the year of the lost cups!

I believe that in photo#1, the small steel cup next to the pumpkin is mine. We had a set of 2 and were missing one after camp.

In photo#5, the steel cup with the loop handle in the bottom left corner might also be mine. Had one that looked just like it and can’t find it amongst my camping gear.

Can send an address for mailing! And reimburse shipping costs. :purple_heart:

Sorry, these are mine!
If they can be shipped (I will pay shipping) plz email me Bazteki.art@gmail.com.
If not, happy to wait and pick them up next year :heart:.
Thanks so much for doing the work of posting lost things, means a lot <3