Looking for transportation to/from Tacoma WA or Portland [Ride Found]

Hey there!

I’m wondering if anyone going down from the Seattle/Tacoma area or the Portland area (after I take a bus) would be willing to pick me up on their way to the campgrounds. Cargo is myself and one average sized plastic frame hiking/camping backpack. I’m willing to help with gas money.

Will this be your first CFT?

If so, welcome! We have a lot of furs who come down from those parts, so you’ve got a pretty good chance of finding room somewhere. Just thought I’d bump this and let you know it’s not dead.

Hope to see you there!


Yep, it’ll be my first time. Tyco raves about this event and if I get to see him half as happy as he is in the image on the Campfire Tails homepage I’ll consider it well worth the trip.

Y’know, I just thought of something. Have you looked into the Bolt bus? It leaves from Seattle and goes to PDX multiple times every week. It’s really cheap, and if you get your tickets really early it can be as low as $1. If you can get here, there’s MANY people leaving from here. Might be another way to go… Just a thought!


That’s a really good idea, I’ll look into that. Thanks for all your help!

Oh wow, $15 is a steal. I guess I’ll leave this thread up for another day or two and if no one responds I replace it with a ride request from Portland.

I would say just add the ride from portland request now. That way whichever one comes first will work for you. :3

(in a carnie voice) Double your chances! Only fifteen dollahs!