Looking for RIDERS (Portland)

So plans have changed a good deal for me last moment, and I need to find some one or ones to ride with me to CFT. I am out on the west side, but can be accommodating to a degree. I plan to leave Thursday morning likely, and returning Monday at some point. I have a 2005 VW Jetta, and it’s just me right now, so there is plenty of space as it’s a 5 seater. Depends on the amount of gear of course.

I would rather not ride there alone, and also help with the gas money would be…well helpful for me. So if you could split gas costs evenly that would be great of course, but if you have any money at all for gas then let me know and we can try and work something out. I am extremely reliable and good riding company!


I need a ride and I live 5 minutes from the I-84, 205 freeway. I have camping gear and am more than happy to help with gas. I am able to leave Thursday and come home on Monday. Please let me know ASAP if this works and I can ride with you.

Triss, did Devin get in touch with you about the cooler we need transported? I can pay a person’s worth of gas money on its behalf if that’s an issue.

The cooler will take up the entire backseat FYI.

He did, but I only just woke up so I’m waiting to hear back again. Sending you a PM in a sec.

Sending you a PM in a moment as well.