Looking for ride from Portland

I’m looking for a ride to and from CFT from Portland. I need to arrive there Wednesday 29th, and leave Tuesday August 4th. If you can help me with one, but not both ways, let me know! Any help is appreciated, thanks. :slight_smile:

I know a couple portlanders who are coming, but don’t know if they have space. I’ll tell them to check the forum.
Edit: I don’t expect either of them to be making a whole week out of CFT; I don’t think their schedule will be compatible with yours. I shot them both a message anyway, just in case they were planning a longer trip this year, AND happen to have extra vehicle space. Not likely to pan out though; definitely keep looking!

I might be able to offer a ride, since I’ll be doing the full Wednesday-Tuesday week, but it’d be contingent on there not being any staff that need a ride from me. (Between my own stuff and what I take for the con, I can manage at most one passenger who doesn’t have too much of their own stuff.)

Lemme know if you can’t find a ride… I wasn’t planning on going Wed-Tue but I have the whole week off so I could pretty much leave at anytime. It’s just me, at the moment.

Awesome, I’ll keep you both in mind. :slight_smile: Thanks. <3

Got my ride situation figured out. Thanks everybody!