Looking a ride from PDX

Hi all,

I live in Nebraska now (!), so I need to fly in. Is there any chance I could carpool with some folks if I showed up at PDX at 10 am on Thursday and needed to fly out at 3:45 pm on Monday? (I haven’t booked flights yet, but I think those times seem reasonable?)

I’ll happily share travel costs, and I have a license if you need a driver.

Your Arbitrary Plaid

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i was all ready to ignore this post but yes. yes of course you can! I didn’t know you were coming!!

…probably. Don’t know when I’m leaving yet exactlys.

(it’s Cobalt btw)

Im down to provide a ride as well :3

What a trip~ It’ll be so good to see you again. <3

Last time we met was at FC11 and we went with Riley to the museum across the way for the human body exhibit! I went by Niwa-Tora back then. x3~

I’m quite sure there’ll be rides available and you’re in the right place to coordinate them!

Hello, I am also looking for a ride from Portland.

I’ve never attended CFT, nor do I really have the equipment to do so, but it would be really nice to attend with someone more experienced.

If I can’t go, I’ll be at Furlandia next year, though.

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