Last-minute volunteer question - LNT & trail safety orientation?


Over the past couple years I’ve noticed that it might be helpful to have a bit more detailed orientation on leave no trace principles, and possibly also some trail safety topics especially around hiking at night. I’ve been trained in wilderness backpacking and mountaineering by NOLS, one of the original members of the LNT group, and I’ve also worked as a teacher at several points in my life. I was hoping I could give a quick overview of what leave no trace means both in an impacted camp and in the less impacted areas that we explore. I’ve wanted to ask for a while but I’m shy with things like this.

This would be something like a 10-20 minute overview of the leave no trace principles and how we can best follow them, plus some basic trail safety and Q/A. Ideally during the camp orientation and it would be nice if it could count toward volunteer time (esp with prep time beforehand). If not this year maybe next - I’m planning to leave early tomorrow morning from the bay area, can’t remember exactly when the orientation happens.

Is there any interest?

This sounds fantastic! Definitely seek out safety crew when you get on site!