Laminated Badges

Greetings fuzzies from a Canadian coyote! This will be my first time at Campfire Tails, though I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many of you when you visited my table at Rainfurrest or Further Confusion.

I’ll be starting my pre-ordered conbadges this week to get them finished prior to CFT. Custom cut, laminated, badge holders, etc. All done for you and given out at the event :slight_smile:

Some examples of badges from an earlier con this year (rectangular shown, but will be custom cut):

Going for $30 each. Normally 40 bucks but I’ll be cutting 10 dollars off for this event.

Feel free to contact me through the information on my profile on here, or send a note on my FA gallery:

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Current Badges

  1. Acco (finished!) -
  2. Mara (finished!) -

First badge completed! Thanks AccoPhox for starting this off :3

Another quickie drawn up for the awesome Mara as half of my trade :smiley: