Lake Pictures

Hey guys,

Mara and I are going to go down to Paulina on Saturday to take some pictures of the lake and the surrounding area.
(Staff): Which group camp loop is booked for us? That way I can get relevant pictures…

Is there anything specific that you’d like to see in the pictures? And when I get them, where would be the best place to upload them too, or at least the most convenient place for you? (you being everybody)


I may/may not have lied…
Depending on if I get my paycheck tomorrow or not, we might be going /next/ weekend…gas isn’t cheap, and I’m not rich.

It’s Ogden Group, site C, the furthest into the back of the site.

Thanks Crowley :3

I drove up to the lake on my way home from town today, but it was a bit cold outside so I didn’t do much walking around. The gates to the Ogdin camp sites were closed so I couldn’t drive back in there maybe tomorrow or next weekend if it is warmer Ill take the dog for a walk back in that way to get some pictures. Anyways, here is a couple of pictures I took today:
This is a mini waterfall not far from where the camp sites are I believe


East Lake, just past Paulina Lake (You can almost see it in the distance, its still quite snowy up there so I couldn’t get very close in the car :P):

On the way home between East Lake and Paulina:

A little overlook thing between Paulina and the camp site:

And another random picture between the camp site and Paulina:

The pictures are not that great, I just took them with my cell phone camera and I’m not a photographer :stuck_out_tongue:
As for the ones I took in the car; I know my windshield is cracked :P, and I was not driving, I stopped in the middle of the road (there is no traffic up there).

Edit: I changed the pictures to use thumbnails so the thread could load faster and you don’t have to scroll as much, they link to the full sized versions.

Nice pics! The lake’s west side is positively gorgeous. I can’t wait until the boat rentals open up! :slight_smile:

If anyone feels like heading out to the site, know that it’s gate is almost always closed, save when there’s a group using one of the three sites beyond it. To get to the site, instead of heading through, turn right at the gate, drive up until you see an outhouse and park. From there you hoof it about 1,000 feet northeast and you’ll see a sign for ‘site C’ right beside another outhouse. From that point aaaaaaaaaall the way to the creek is our spot!

Koda, Z, Pixelito, Mara and I hit the site as was planned(producing the awesome map on the About page as a result) and snapped several photos while there. The site is absolutely gorgeous. I’ll get some of the choice photos surrounding the site and some site photos to go with it up on the gallery soon!

Yes great pictures! The lake covered in all of the snow was breath taking when we went to see it. What’s funny is that 10 miles away I was sweating for the heat.

Also here is a pretty picture I tool, the rest will be up shortly as crowley stated.

I love that picture with teh stop sign in it.