La Dueña de la Pupusa

Greetings campers! This year I’m proposing an exciting change in the kitchen. I’m actually turning one of our meal services into a happening!

Let me give you a little background on the wonderful Pupusa and how I came to love it:

"When I was a little kid, maybe five or six, I lived in a little tenement in inner city Miami. On the first floor lived a wonderful Salvadorean grandmother. She immigrated with her two grandchildren in the mid 80’s during the political unrest rampant throughout Central America. Throughout her time living in the building, she became a welcome fixture in our little community, acting as a ‘third grandmother’ for all the children. During important holidays, to help out the families with childcare, she’d have the young ones over in her kitchen making pupusas. She’d begin by showing us how to make the masa, making sure we each got to see how pliable and sticky it was. She’d then set up little bowls of oil for us to keep our hands greased as we learned how to ‘palmear’ the masa, forming (often crooked) cups in our little hands. Having made the cups, she’d fill it with beans, cheese, seasoned beef, chicken, grilled cactus, or pickled flower buds to name a few of the fillings. Then, after washing up and getting a big cup full of agua fresca, we’d watch as she skillfully grilled them to perfection on a makeshift flat top balanced over two gas burners. After having a couple pupusas (making sure not to feed us too much since we’d be eating at home again) she’d send us off with a plate full to share with our families.

In the spirit of keeping traditions alive, I’d like to invite you into the Campfire Tails kitchen to learn how to make this wonderful dish. Friday afternoon, around 1:30 in the dining area.


I don’t think you realize how excited I am by this.

I was first taken to a Salvadoran pupuseria in Olympia by my uncle many years ago. He did humanitarian work in El Salvador during the civil war and had close ties the the community. To this day I remember marching in the “Procession of the Species” parade, and then squeezing in to this tiny little hole-in-the-wall restaurant. Pupusa is so simple, but one of the most satisfying meals I have ever eaten.

Count me in.

Pupusas! Had a favorite place for them in San Francisco, was open super late and staffed by several old dour ladies who never smiled no matter how nice You were. But man were the pupusas good, and the pickled cabbage with loroco flowers was amazing, it was all so perfect! To this day pupusas are a special dish, like home made tamales (Had a Mexican grandma who made them every easter) I grew up on.
I’ll try getting in on this, it sounds fun!

What fun! I’ve watched them being made but the people I’ve seen do it so quickly it’s hard to follow.

Great happening!

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