Klamath Falls (ish) crash space Wednesday night?

We plan to drive from Reno to Klamath falls on Wednesday night, to knock out some of the drive after work (not doing anything Wednesday night anyway!)
Normally we just stay at the Motel 6, but it could be fun to crash with someone in the area instead and make new friends!

Are there any folks in that general vicinity who might be willing to put up 4 people for one night? Obviously we will have sleeping bags and mattresses, so a floor is totally fine :smiley:

If not, no big deal. Motel isn’t expensive or anything. Just looking for new people to meet more than anything.

Side note: I went to college in K Falls, so I know the area decently well.

Were unfortunately going up Wednesday around noon, but were in the area. Don’t know of anyone else here tho.

No worries, like I said, the motel works just fine too; we’re not hard up for money or anything. Was more just looking for social opportunities :smiley:
It was actually your mention of leaving K falls on Wednesday midday that inspired me to ask if anyone would be there Wednesday night.

If you can’t find a place to crash, go to the hotel near OIT and the hospital. Tell them that you are visiting somebody that’s in the hospital for whatever reason and you’ll get a discount.
Sounds like a shitty thing to do, but that’s what they (they hotel managers) told us to say if we had family visiting while I was going to OIT. XD

Been a few years, so I can’t confirm it any more. D:

Clever! Though I imagine that even with a discount, they’d have trouble beating the $40ish a night that the motel 6 on Altamont costs. What do they typically charge at that place near campus (I think it’s a Hilton?)

Not gonna lie, I have NO clue what they charge any more. Probably can’t beat $40 at any rate…

…Actually, I just checked online. Estimated price was WAY more than 40. D:

Thanks for checking for me <3 And thanks for thinking of us either way :smiley:

Might wanna check with the Townhouse Motel. Think they have some cheap rates.