Kitchen Volunteers CFT 2012

Greetings, Fellow Campers!

Xander here with a CFT Kitchen Special Report: we are cranking down to the final weeks of registration, so now is time to get your paws ready to kick everything into high gear!

What does this mean? Well we are looking for sla-… volunteers in the kitchen to help monitor, prepare, and serve food at each meal. Interested? Take a look at the slots/schedule available below.

Job requirements - But first, there are a few little stipulations. In order to work in the kitchen or serving staff you must::
0. have already registered for CFT before claiming a volunteer spot.

  1. have a current (over the CFT weekend) Oregon Food Handlers Card. If you do not have one and want to work with the kitchen you can obtain one here for 10$ – (yes, it is an official website despite the name).
  2. not be afraid of knives. You will be working with one a lot. Chopping and preparing food will go a lot quicker if you know your knifework (yes, that’s the actual term for knowing how to use a knife in a kitchen). Actual prep cook experience is not required, but it would be handy.
  3. be willing to work in the kitchen during your time slot. I will personally come find you if you do not show up. Kay! :3
  4. be willing to work in the heat and be talkative to keep your kitchen-mates level-headed. Yes, I know you are coming to CFT to have fun. But realize, out of all of the staff, the kitchen is under the most stress. Every camper depends on the kitchen three times a day.
  5. be willing to work after meals to help clean the kitchen and prep it for the next meal. If you disappear on me, I will come find you. :3
  6. be aware of the Kitchens Operations Manual provided once you have confirmed your volunteer status. It’s not a packet, its a couple pages of things you will need to know. :3

What do you get for being a volunteer? Well, whatever meal you volunteer for will land you that Patron meal! Yeah, that’s right. It’s a kitchen perk. But you have to work for it. See how that works?

Volunteer Job Description - They are pretty basic, but you will need to be ready to do each others job if necessary.

Food Prep -
Your primary responsibility will be in the kitchen. You will be handling foods and vegetables, peeling potatoes, chopping meat and vegetarian materials, or watching water boil; all while balancing on a beachball. It will be hot in the kitchen, bring a gallon jug or something to dispense personal water for consumption. However, you will also be responsible for helping the Food Service volunteers when the meal is ready to be served.

Food Service -
Depending on the meal, you will be watching campers, monitoring the food service, or escorting food to the tables. However you will be assisting the kitchen staff and Food Preps while preparing the meal. There are minor differences in your job, but we will discuss those before your shift begins.

Cleanup (applies to both Prep and Service) - If you work in the kitchen at a given meal, you are also responsible to help in the kitchen cleanup in the prior meal. For instances, I am cooking lunch. This means I must be in the kitchen to help clean up breakfast and prep it for Lunch. This rotating manor will insure that there are between four and six people in the kitchen cleaning after every meal. If i am cooking lunch, I must stay in the kitchen to help clean up lunch until the dinner crew is satisfied that the kitchen is properly prepped for dinner.

Volunteer Schedule - If you want to volunteer, you can take as many shifts as you like. But remember, you are responsible for that shift. And I do recommend taking at least one shift off a day (but you don’t have to).

Wednesday (Staff arrival and primary setup, must be on site by 2pm)
Dinner- HawkFeather, MallowR

Thursday (Camper Arrival and Secondary setup)
Breakfast - HawkFeather,
Lunch - HawkFeather,
Dinner - HawkFeather, MallowR, , ,

Friday (First Full Camp Day)
Breakfast - HawkFeather, ,
Lunch - HawkFeather, , ,
Dinner - HawkFeather, MallowR, , ,

Saturday (Second Camp Day)
Breakfast - HawkFeather, ,
Lunch - KazumaFox, HawkFeather, ,
Dinner - HawkFeather, KazumaFox, MallowR, ,

Sunday (Third Camp Day)
Breakfast - HawkFeather, ,
Lunch - HawkFeather, , ,
Dinner - HawkFeather, MallowR, , ,

Monday (Final Camp Day and Teardown)
Breakfast - HawkFeather, KazumaFox,
Staff Lunch - HawkFeather,
Staff Dinner - HawkFeather, MallowR

Tuesday (PullOut Day)
Breakfast - HawkFeather,

Great! You seem interested in helping. Good! Either post the slot you are interested below, send me an email
with the appropriate information, or send me a dmsg on twitter. @x_panther

Hey there Xander! I’m planning to throw my hat in the ring for another round of kitchen slavery this year. I’m willing to fill in where need be, even if that is every meal again including setup and takedown. I had a lot of fun working there last year, and this year only looks to be better! I lean more towards food prep than serving, but I can do either if need be. I can provide proof of my food handler’s permit if need be, it should still be valid from last year, but I can easily recertify myself if not.

Let me know where you want me!

Yay Hawk is the bestest kitchen slave ever! :smiley:

Lol that said people should volunteer! The kitchen is the coolest corner of camp (ok not always literally :wink: - though we’re right by the stream) full of the coolest people. Also, all the Gatorade or whatever’s in those containers you can drink. :wink:

If you’ve never worked with food besides what comes in cans, you might just learn something from this. I learned proper way to slice things.

Just got my food handler’s card. Once I figure out when my happenings are I can sign up to help here.

I “plan” on getting my OFHC… that still good enough? :wink:

I can help out with Dinner, OFHC card in hand. Waaaay simpler than the Michigan one IMHO.

on all nights or just the official camp nights?

Should be all nights, Oki is bringing me to help with setup and tear down.

alright boys and grils. still in need of a little help in the kitchen on some of the shifts. Look at the listing up at the top if you wanna help me out :3

I know Kage said he’d help in kitchen, didn’t say what meal though

waves Hey i have my OFHC and i’ll be working AM Gopher but i’ll be glad to help with breakfast if needs be, prepping or serving

Could you be a little more specific on the time slots you would be available for? :3

I have no idea when I’m available, because I’m going to show up and people will tell me do X and then I do it. For instance, I think I’m a camp host. I’ll find out when I get there. But you know I’m pretty amenable to helping in the kitchen when you need it.

I still have a valid OR food handlers card, if that was in doubt.