Kazuma needs a lift :c

Might still be able to go somehow. hopefully i dont miss this year. Truck will not be running at 100% so i would like a ride down there from Beaverton. I wont be able to carry much with me this year doing this so oh well x3 Anyone got space?

Hey there,

Is it just you by yourself? I have a little fourseater Toyota. It’s a bit small, but I have a cartop carrier and plenty of trunk space. I think I’m going to have three (including myself) in the car already, so I think there’s one seat left.

If you want more details, PM me and we can chat about it. :3


possibly…i might have my license back before then and have my pickup truck so if all goes will which i hope it does i can go still…will know sometimes this week ^^ thanks again!

I am headed down I-5 so I will be passing Beaverton. Check my post about leaving from Seattle.