Just attended NWCC, now hooked on furry meets

Ok, so I just had the time of my LIFE at NWCC, and I’m eager to mingle with even more furries than before.

I live in Kennewick (tri-city area) and I’m curious if anyone would be willing to bring me along if I chip in on gas.

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Hey!! Glad you had fun at Campcon and are thinking of checking out CFT! Just so you know, Campfire Tails registration has a limited number of spaces (see https://campfiretails.org/policies/registration/). If you haven’t already, you should sign into the Registration system (https://registration.campfiretails.org/) and put yourself into the queue.

CFT’s registration is currently in waitlist mode, so you will need to be in the queue and if enough spaces open up (through earlier registrees cancelling or declining to confirm) then you may be offered a Registration slot. If you receive an offer (it would come via email, keep checking your Spam folder too) then you would have 48 hours to confirm your spot by paying the registration fee :3


I’ll still need a ride though. I have some cargo as well, but I can chip in on gas.

Actually I don’t think I’m welcome anymore.

Just found out I made such a horrible impression at NWCC that I’m now permanently banned from socializing with furries in my local community. Several of which have me blocked on telegram.

Probably best if I don’t even bother showing my face.

Yeah devin if you could just delete my account here or whatever that’d be great.

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