Is this the correct way to get there (google map)?

So last year, I was following a map someone printed off from Google maps. Long story short, the destination on it was wrong and took us out into the middle of the forest, after taking us off road for 8 miles and nearly tearing up my car. Supposedly, the destination on the map was taken from the cft site.

So, here’s a map with the destination coordinated posted on the cft site, directions from eugene. Does this look correct?,+or&daddr=Paulina-East+Lake+Rd,+Deschutes+National+Forest,+La+Pine,+OR+97739&hl=en&ll=43.691708,-121.70929&spn=1.566895,2.469177&sll=43.735414,-121.442914&sspn=0.024465,0.038581&geocode=FWUuoAIdXtip-CkZGVCssBnBVDFNiUNKiWHsVw%3BFRw5mwIdT0HD-Cnz8pnYmZy4VDFB2o6hAmtPOg&mra=ls&t=h&z=9

Here’s a more detailed look at the destination. I don’t see the campsite D:

I’d say that the directions end about 500 feet past the actual turnoff. It’s that clearing directly to the north.

That happened to us too. :stuck_out_tongue: The real route is pretty straightforward. My post in this thread from last year sums it up.

Oh, the bing map shows what I think is the actual site. Should be good then!

Yeah, that was embarrassing. Bad minky.

[size=12pt]The coordinates that used to be on the website were bad for directions.[/size]
(Edit: Just fixed that.)

Use the following link, for directions:

Or if using a car GPS, use 43.7272, -121.4236 or 43°43′38″N, 121°25′25″W for the entrance of the site right on the road. This should minimize the chance of it sending you off somewhere weird.

Is this the same place as last year?

Yes, it is.

Well the camp in the first map looked so much more recognizable

Still the same place as last year :3