Introducing: Skeletune Studio!

Do you play an instrument? Bring it! Come jam with us in this musically inclined theme camp!

Skeletune Studio aims to have loose, relaxed jam sessions with anyone who’s interested, and all skill levels are welcome. We have a stack of “fake books” to help guide us through something more structured, or maybe we’ll improvise a new tune!

Sessions will be unscheduled and spontaneous. PLEASE respect the space if it is closed. Unless you have my or Ysgramir’s explicit permission to enter when its closed, do not enter. If you wanna jam and no one’s home, let us know and we’ll see what we can do!

We will be bringing a generator, an amp and an electric drum kit, so acoustic as well as electric instruments are encouraged! Don’t play anything? That’s fine too! Pull up a chair and chill with us. Will be located in Red Camp and… Hard to miss :wink:

See you next week!