Interpretive Apocalyptic Percussion/Jam Session

"Bring your hub caps, bring your milk jugs! Bring your pipes, sticks and spoons!

Come together in a rhythmic symphony of percussion to create(not so) beautiful music, sure to brighten any fun-lusting raider’s day."

So yeah, basically a bunch of people could bring whatever da fuq they want to bang on and we could orchestrate some improv percussion jams. Maybe even get some post-apocalyptic blues singin’ going on to really bust some of dem’ phat beats. Maybe have me and a couple other brave souls sing some improv vocals about whatever the hell miserable post-civilization inhabitants would sing about.

Could be some cool shit.

Maybe make a list of stuff we can bring? either instruments, or things that can be used as instruments!

I have a mandolin
and a flute
and an electric bass that I probably won’t bring unless somebody’s dragging a battery amp out
assorted harmonicas, etc. somebody should bring a kazoo.

Dude… someone needs to go to party city an buy a bunch kazoos for the group…