Interest Check - CFT Radio

Hi fuzzies! A few years ago I invested in a low powered FM transmitter, a small, legal, half watt transmission box capable of broadcasting up to 1/4 mile. I tried to implement it, but being my job as it is, I was unable to tend to it. That said, this piece of equipment is available for use if anybody feels up to taking charge! Does anybody want to run a little radio station at camp? It needs power, and has a 3.5mm audio jack for inputs. Let me know!

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I would definitely use t to broadcast happenings schedule, some music, and to do my best Robin Williams impersonations between playing space sounds.


I want to hear these impressions, Beau.

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Gooood morning CFT! lol

@Beauchamp hit me up and I’ll walk you through how it works, and what needs to be done. Also it might be smart to tell all attendees to bring an FM radio with them. :3

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Possible suggestion: maybe a swag item this year could be a cheap radio receiver? You know, one of the keychain-sized ones that runs on a button cell battery?

Best I could find in a quick search was this:

I’d recommend staying away from a product that uses button cell batteries, though, unless you do a bulk purchase of more batteries and provide some extras.

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I agree with Tyco. Stay away from button cell batteries. They’re small and light, but they’re also… small. :stuck_out_tongue: A Costco/Frys/wherever cheapo-pack of AAA or AA batteries would be pretty inexpensive, if you can find the little swag radios that take them. Much higher energy density.

I think this is an amazing idea that has tons of potential, if it’s done right. Announcements, music, radio shows, and lots of participation!

Thankfully there are people who have nothing better to do than analyze batteries to help you figure out what’s the best bang for the buck. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

If I understand it correctly, this is the correct chart to go by when looking to power a non-digital radio:

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I’d say set up a laptop that has a preset playlist of music and announcements that you can add to on the fly. I can volunteer a toughbook and battery setup to handle that. That way, nobody has to really spend a ton of time babysitting it