Incense burning And tarot reading

My partner Triad and I have started a furry themed incense company called AnthroEsoterica:

While at CFT, we plan on bringing some incense censors and pick out a location where we can set them up and show off some of the incense blends we have available, as well as discuss uses of resin incense.
Also, I just got the Furry Tarot deck and we would love to do reading for people. Both of us are fairly savvy with tarot and we like to interpret cards together to give the person receiving the reading a varied and in depth analysis.

Would this be something ppl would be interested in while we are there?


Love this idea~ I’d greatly enjoy a reading from you. :3~

I would definitely love to do this!

Its been a dogs age since I had a reading. I would love to have one from you guys if its available :smiley:

I like things that smell good, and cards with weird pictures, so I’m in.

This sounds like fun, I’d definitely be down!

i would love to have a reading, come check out The Haven in Red Camp <3

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