Improv workshop

So this was a huge success last year! While it was slightly crazy there was a really good turn out and everyone had a lot of fun. It was really great to see so many people getting up and helping out. We have a lot of really funny people and there was a lot of really good joke that went around. So for sure we will be doing this again. If you have any ideas on some of the games we could play or if you want to be one of the main people to be on stage here is the place to leave your voice.

So who’s up for making this even better next year?

Count me in!
I’ll try to be more exciting this year XD

Me! Me! =D I had lots of fun with it last year, even if I was kinda nervous/not really that witty =)

Pfft, “would you like to dew my mountains?” xD

Aww man I loved the improv! I totally want to do it again, also we need to play a game like props! And the one where you can only speak in questions. Perhaps we should get a buzzer and do it in teams of two, like they do on Who’s Line. Maybe before that, a little exercise or two to get us all loosened up.

Other games on Who’s line I like:
Scenes from a hat - suggestions are written down by the audience and the good ones are put into a hat, then drawn and the players to act.
Superheros - player one starts a scene as a super hero with a problem, both chosen by the audience, then player two will be called in by his name, chosen by player one in his act, to come in and play out the solution.
Questions Only - you can only speak in questions