Important Happenings Announcements

Hello, all!

This is your Happenings snow fox, bringing you a couple of announcements! The fun is less than a month away, and I’d like for each of your happenings to have the opportunity to be present at Campfire Tails 2019!

I’ll be contacting those who have already posted your ideas, but in case I don’t get to you right away or you have a happening idea that isn’t posted yet, please get in touch with me so we can work together on scheduling your idea!

The cut-off date to do this will be July 21st to allow for enough time to put things into print. (Note: this does not mean that you won’t be able to add happenings for the con if you miss this deadline, as you will still be able to do so at the campground itself. This cut off is merely for the prints that will be given to attendees at the convention.)

So let’s make Happenings happen, and get your ideas the exposure they deserve by the 21st! I look forward to hearing from and working with everyone for this last push. ^ _ ^

As a side note, if you’ve already been contacted in regards to this please feel free to let me know. :3