IMPORTANT: 2019 Pre-Registration Delay


For 2018 volunteers, 2018 staff, and 2019 staff:

Pre-registration for 2018 volunteers, 2018 staff, and 2019 staff was scheduled to open on April 15th, but the opening of it has been delayed.

If you volunteered or staffed during 2018 and haven’t received an email (sent April 14th/15th) confirming your eligibility to pre-register, please contact ASAP.

:warning: Pre-registration tokens (spots) will expire at 5:59 AM on Monday, May 13th.

At this time we are hoping to have pre-registration live by Monday, April 29th.

We are very sorry for the delays in opening registration for you. When pre-registration is live we’ll send a follow-up email to those who are eligible to pre-register, and will announce it generally as well.

If you are concerned that you might not be able to complete your pre-registration on reduced notice before the deadline, please reply to the email confirming your eligibility to pre-register and we will arrange an extended deadline for you on an individual basis.

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