I'm not a fuzzy, like you peeps

But hell, I love this state, and La Pine is where my ex used to live, and I remember how beautiful it was over past the Rockies.

I’m not a furry, so oh no, I’m only here to cause problems! Nah, I’m just a social guy, there’s something going on in Oregon, it’s camping in a place I know and love, couldn’t resist the thought of throwing in my shadow to the sunset. Now, listen closely, I don’t have any problems whatsoever with them there furriez, and you shouldn’t have any problem with me. The question I come bringing is; is this a public social event or must I meet the fuzzy qualifications to attend? :wink:

BTW. I’ll bring the Cola.

Come as you are! Last summer we had two nonfurs that just came out for the socializing and they seemed to enjoy themselves quite a lot!

Be careful, they might rape you into furriness. :frowning:


I certainly see no problem if you’ve got no problem with us. The more the merrier, right?

We like to get people around to see us :smiley: Doesn’t matter if you’re a fur or not, we’ll all have fun!

Frankly, I’m not so sure about these “furries”, always doing their scritching and yiffing or whatever. Sounds “shady”. I think we need more “mundanes” to balance it out.

(Sarcasm, sarcasm… or is it?)

You’re totally welcome to come hang out. If you’re chill and like camping, then you’ll have a lot of fun. =)


Cool, I was stoked to see this post by Cola Dude - I’m not a furry either, but I love furry art (just suck at drawing it), and I dress like a wolf for haloween every year (half cuz I’m lazy and don’t wanna make a new costume, and half cuz theres nothin better!!). I also live in Oregon, so this sounds fun!

By the way, to the people planning this deal, your ad on furaffinity is what caught my eye. Thanks!

Cavewolf you sound like a furry in my book :3

Sweet! I always kinda wondered how furry you gotta be to be furry!

Really the only pre-req is having an interest in anthros, in what every way that may be for you. Welcome to the fandom!