ID question about name

I just hadon’t a quick question before I register.
I’m planning on getting married, just not sure if it’ll happen before CFT but if it does, then I plan on changing my last name.
But if I register now, I’d be registering with my current last name.

Do I wait to change my last name for the sake of the ID piece of reg…or?

Hi cinnafoxy,

You can go ahead and register with your current name—it’s OK if your legal name changes between now and the event.

If the name on the photo ID you’ll be showing at check-in is different than what you entered during registration, just bring a copy of anything officially documenting the change. Either of the following are fine:

  • Photocopy of Marriage License or Name Change Certificate
  • Photocopy of old Drivers License or State ID (if it’s otherwise the same as the ID you’re presenting)

Thanks for asking!