I have some questions >D

Okay, I was looking through the forums and the info provided (and maybe I’m just silly and didn’t see it) but I have a few questions and things I just want to confirm (as things written on the internet can be read the wrong way ;3) Thanks for all of your help!
Firstly, will everyone be sleeping in tents? Or just the people that want to? (I’m really looking forward to camping out with my mate in a little tent :D)
Second, It says that you have to register by July 1st, I’m not sure if I will have all of the funds by that time, (I will have them by the time the con comes around for sure)but can I still sign myself and my mate up?
This will be my first con, and I’m nervous, I have read the ‘about’ section, but I’m still a little fuzzy on what is going to go down.
Sorry if I come off as a spaz, but I want to be very clear about what will be going on. Also, I realize that CT is still a work in progress so not EVERYTHING will be figured out 100%, but I would like a little more of a detailed idea of what will be happening for the days we are there…
Thanks again for any help!

P.S. >w> Also, I’m still trying to raise money to attend this event, I have a Furaffinity page ( http://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/ranft/ ) and I’m taking Commissions to raise the money ;3 Help me out if ya can ^w^

Welcome to the forums and hopefully to CT! I dont have all the answers for you but I can help a bit.

  1. We will be sleeping in tents, unless sleeping under the stars is your idea of a good time. Me, I like a roof over my head, even if it’s polypropylene.
  2. Registration: I’ll leave that to someone more in the know, I have some reading on that to catch up on myself!
  3. Nothing to be nervous about! This started as a group of us in the Eugene/Portland/Wherever area that wanted to go hang out in nature and just enjoy the company. There will be events and things to do. But it’s (and this might just be me editorializing a bit here) mostly a time to relax, unwind and enjoy just being around friendly folk. The last campout I made it to was a couple days of swimming, hanging out with friends I dont see often and a whole lot of talking and good food.

Now, that’s just my view on the topic, but I hope it clears some things up for you!

Thank you so much for replying and giving me a better idea of what will be going on. It puts a lot of my worries at ease to think it will be something like what you are describing ^w^ That sounds like a really good time, and makes me very excited to go ;3
Now I just need to raise the $160 by July 1st @_@

Hey there Ranft, welcome and i really hope you can make it to the campout. I am one of the happening coordination for CTF so i can help give you an idea of what might be going down. But first off yes to the tents, you can bring your own to sleep in or we will have a communal one that will be open for everyone to relax and sleep in.

As Ramidi stated we want CTF to be more of a relaxed environment where the events will be there and going on, but there is no peruser to try and run and make it to every single one. We will have a stage with live DJ’s at night, there will be huge boffer fights, the building of the yurt (idea still pending), campfire songs and stories, swimming, hiking (maybe night hikes), star gazing, ultimate frisbee. Those are just the things I can think of off the top of my head!

At this point in time registration end on July first, I don’t know if will be able to have exceptions to the rule so try and get the money saved up by then.

Hope to see ya there!

I’m glad other staff jumped in to answer these questions as quickly as they did :slight_smile:

As it stands, a bulk of the last year and ongoing now is a great deal of planning and fleshing out details for the nitty gritty needs of the con. As this is our second year of doing this event, we have our bases pretty well covered, informationally, but the moment registration ends is the moment we start spending money we have available. As we don’t have a terribly large pillow fund, it makes things difficult in this point in time to be able to accomodate registrees after-the-fact. Unfortunately, for this reason, I feel that we cannot extend registration past the cutoff date. Please understand that come july, every ounce of my staff is going to be busy working out collective tails off to finish up the details putting this all together!