I-5 Corridor Rides

I’m traveling up from the SF bay area (Walnut Creek) to CFT on the Thursday the 1st. I’m willing to drive up with people if they need rides. I’m willing to stop and pick up people who need a lift if they live with in a 5 - 10 minute radius of the I-5 also to split the cost gas.

I already posted this in the Caravan from Sacramento section, but I thought I’d open it up to see if any one along the I-5 corridor wanted to carpool up to CFT.

Would you be able to make it up to Medford?

I might. I need to hammer out the details of the trip with Sparky. I’ll try and let you know ASAP.

Thanks! =^.^=

Sorry about the late response, been camping up in Alberta for the past couple days. It doesn’t look like we are going to be coming up through Medford. Sorry…can’t help you.

Yeah, looks like Medford is quite out of the way for us, it would add a whole hour to the drive from California. :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe one car could come get you, but I don’t think the whole caravan should have to drive an extra hour. I for one have no one to help me drive. :-\

Would it be possible to meet up further down? I was already taking a bus to Medford anyway.

We are taking the 5 N through California until Weed, where we will switch to the 97 N. So you’d have to meet us in Weed CA or farther south, or someplace along the 97. If you could get the 140 to Klamath Falls that would work?

Weed would probably be best. I’d have to get some more funds but I think that won’t be too big an issue. Also the bus doesn’t go to or from Klamath Falls on those days if at all. I could arrive in Weed by about 8:05am on the 1st and I could leave 12:15am on the 6th.

So, I won’t be needing that ride after all. I was able to acquire my own means of transportation and will be able to get myself to the campground and back.