Hot water

is there going to be hot water available or should we bring stuff to heat water

Since you mentioned it, you get the job of making hot water for the entire con! You get to stand in the middle of camp with an aluminum can and a cigarette lighter! ;D

(No, there’s no hot water on site but there are plenty of us with stoves and fires to make hot water with that you are welcome to use! Bring your own water tho!)

I asked a while ago if there would be water and ice and was told yes on both…do I have to bring water now? I just got back from my last store run. :confused:

i got a stove just hoping i wouldnt have to bring it my car is tiny

There will be water there. I think Bennet was being silly. He does that. :stuck_out_tongue:

There will be drinking water, icewater, all manner of cooled beverages and hot water at mealtimes(and hot cocoa at breakfast).

We have all manner of fluids for you to choose from…

What Crowley and Tora said!

now i’m suspicious of the fluids

How about warm showers?