Hello! As a special treat for you guys I’ve gone and purchased a large volume of hookah tobacco for use at camp! In the evenings I’ll have someone going around asking folks if they’d like to smoke hookah. I’ll have 3 hookahs with me I’m bringing, and I believe Kage is bringing more with him. If you want to smoke, we’ll bring a hookah over for you and your friends. The rules will be as follows:

[ul][li]Hookahs go on tables only. Please do not touch them[/li]
[li]You may use the provided tongs to move your coals around, but please take care not to drop them.[/li]
[li]If you’ve never smoked hookah before, ask me and we’ll be happy to help you out.[/li][/ul]

Simple, no? If you don’t know what a hookah is, here’s a picture of one:

This is a glass and metal water pipe used to smoke hookah tobacco, which is tobacco soaked in molasses or honey and glycerin, then flavored with fruit, flowers or spices. Unlike typical tobacco use, hookah tobacco is vaporized using coals that do not touch the tobacco, instead of direct flame, letting the flavors form a thick steamy vapor, instead of full on smoke. As a result, the vapor is extremely velvety on the palate, smooth and full of rich and fruity flavor. Since there’s no burning of the tobacco taking place, there are no tars inhaled, and significantly less nicotine inhaled. The coals I use are 100% natural coconut coals, with no additives whatsoever.

The flavors I will have available are:

[ul][li]Al Fakher Mint[/li]
[li]Tangiers Blackberry[/li]
[li]Tangiers New Lime[/li]
[li]Tangiers Juicy Peach[/li]
[li]Blue Bee Orange[/li][/ul]

On request, I can mix any of these flavors with the Mint, making the smoke extra cool on the throat to inhale. For those who have specific bowl preferences, I have Vortex, Phunnel, Mod and Egyptian bowls available for use. Thank you!

Awesome!!! Hookah everywhere! I to will be bringing my hookah ^o^

oh my god peach~

Yes! I was just thinking today how much I want hookah at CFT and figured Kage might be the only one bringing.

I’ll be bringing my hookah along as well, don’t have much shisha though. Anyone can use my hookah too.