Should have a homebrew contest happening. Though I’m nearly positive that Fen would win. Good Gods I can still taste the lavender.

What about a CFT-brew?

Sadly in the state of oregon the distribution of home brewed alcoholic beverages is illegal. just like pot


btw, glad you liked the spirit infusion

I’m pretty sure distribution is illegal only if you charge for it. That’s the general guidelines most things use.

contests were shutdown over the illegality. http://brewpublic.com/beer-events/oregon-homebrew-currently-under-“house-arrest”-according-to-new-legal-interpretation/ It sucks whale anus but thats the law.


Good thing I’m not one for legality. To be continued at a later date under indeterminately clandestine terms. That is all.

Also: thank you Fen, for your wealth of brew-how.

Actually the Oregon legislature fixed the law so home brew contests are legal again.

Well. Thank goodness. I was worried about it there for a moment!

Yay! I’m hoping to win the “Why can I set your wine on fire” award.