Helping out

Scritch and Reago here. We had so much fun digging the pig pit last year (or more like the results) that we’ll be there for setup and take down.

Eeexcellent. Construction skunk is pleased! :wink: We’ll put ya both down when this topic gets set up all the way.

Yep! Ready to have more fun. And remember, safety first!

Between safety and Dionysian requirements of hole digging (pretty sure at least one gulp of wine per turn) I think we should have a full team. JOIN US. ONE OF US. ONE OF US. ONE OF US.

Can i show up a day early and help with setting up like last year?

sounds interesting ill tag along an might help with this :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for such a delay and missing out do to I killed 2 birds with one stone at Megaplex in FL. a one time shot ,visaing my brother and the con the train ride took up the time getting back and by the time I got to the mountains it was too late on a Monday but next year I have to be a tad careful my hernia got out of waked and last Sunday it got repaird big time in other words it blew on me like a ticking time bomb ,But by then it should be OKed plus I got that instant on hot water for the showers and ot runs off of the foset so no pump.