No, I’m not asking for help, I’m offering it. :smiley:

If extra help is needed for planning, advertising, setting up, cleaning, etc… I’d love to help in any way that I can!
This will be my first ‘con’, so I would love to be more involved than just attending, especially because it’s local (I live in Bend…I think that counts.)

Otherwise, If anybody that is attending is going to need help unpacking their cars or setting up tents and such, I’d like to help!


We always love more volunteers! When you register, you can tick a box to sign up as a volunteer. When registration ends July 1st, we’ll begin assigning duties to volunteers!

Will do! :smiley:

Freah meat! Mwahahahahaaa!

(Thanks for offering to help out, it’s super coolness plus 10.) ^.^

D: It’s like high school all over again!
Except slightly more furry… and MUCH more awesome.

Is there an initiation? <- that was me being a smart-ass. :3

But yes, I love helping people, so if any help is needed aside from the assigned volunteer work, just ask me! ^^

Actually if you wanna help, we need some photos for the website! Since you’re close to Ogden Group out near Paulina lake, it would be cool if you could take some time and head out to get some snapshots of the lake the the trails surrounding it! I know that crasheart is out in Bend as well. Maybe you guys could set up some group on google groups and organize an outing of some kind? :3

That sounds good!
I’ll send him an email and see what he thinks. Might even get a small group together for the day, and take a hike or something to that extent.
Regardless, I should be able to get pictures within 2 weeks or so… I don’t know what the weather has been like in LaPine, but Bend has had snow, so hopefully I can get pictures without any snow in them :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m more than willing to help out as well! :smiley: This is also be my first con, and like Pix, I live in Bend and have a nice camera :smiley: I’d love to go up with you guys and take pictures of everything :3