Help a fur get to Camp, receive Art!

So, I don’t often do commissions anymore, but since I really really want to get to Campfire Tails, I’m willing to do art on a donation basis. Here’s the break down:

In exchange for the 5$ discount for registration, or any donation under 7$ you’ll get one of my tag badges. It’s a small round badge with a chibi drawing of your character that can be attached to a collar:

8$-14$ And you’ll get an inked sketch of the character of your choice Something like that, but inked.

15$-30$ You’ll get an uber cool camping themed badge! Here are some samples of my badges (though none are camping themed yet o.o)

Anything over 30$ and we’ll pretty much have to discuss my indentured servitude. :stuck_out_tongue:
Here’s my FA Page for browsing:

Any donations can be sent to my paypal address:
Please put your forum name in the notes section, and post what you want me to draw and any relevant reference or info as a post here. :3
Thank you!

I’m interested in the little tag badges. e-mail me or IM me on googletalk or MSN Messenger :smiley:

I want to send a $5 discount!

Pulsifer says yay and thank you! :slight_smile: Everybody who has given her their discount is awesome. (Lol including me. :wink: )

Check your email for the subject “Help a Friend” around May 17th. :slight_smile:

Here’s an update on who I’ve gotten discounts from, and who I’ve gotten reference from and all that Jazz:

Here is who I have confirmed money from:
Nava- deluxe collar tag badge- reference received
Sparky- 10$-Surprise art
Timber - 10$ donated no reference received
Comatoes- collar tage badge- reference materials received

All of the above have paid, if you’re on this list and it says “no reference received” you can PM me, e-mail me or post here what you’d like drawn. All of these will be scanned before hand, posted to my FA page and delivered at Campfire tails. I’ll make myself identifiable before so you all know who to track down XD

Maowing Fox, I have yet to receive notification of any sort that you’ve sent a discount, but send some reference when you do and I’ll add you to the list ASAP.

Thank you everybody!

ATTENTION! I’ll be registering tomorrow (Thursday 24th), so if you were planning on exchanging your registration discount for art from me please speak up as I will be unable to accept discounts after that!

For those listed in the post above I will be doing these next week and should be done with all of the ones ordered before today on Wednesday of next week and will be posted to my FA, and linked here.

I’m still offering the donation prices on my commissions to put towards travel expenses, I just can only accept actual money after today. Thank you everyone!

Here have some art!

This should be everybody except Nava, who’s commission will be added to this picture later tonight or tomorrow. Thanks everybody!!

WoooT! Thanks, Pulsifer. Now, I’m official. =)